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Anonymous asked:

a lot of ppl think Zaheer's team killed Aang. I don't know why.

I did post a huge theory about this very thing a while back. The masses seem to like it and thus it spread around a LOT.

What do you think?


Anonymous asked:

so, I really like your Zaheer/Aang theory!! IIt's really interesting. I also remember Bryan mentioning something before Korra started, how Aang died at 66 because of the energy he used up being frozen in the ice while also being in the avatar state.

Yes, it was mentioned ONCE at a convention interview. I mentioned it at the end of my theory post to remind people that what I wrote is simply a theory.

That being said, Bryke said the iceberg caused Aang’s death BEFORE he knew that Nickelodeon had ordered more books of Korra. In the creators mind it made no sense to come up with a fitting end for Aang. As far as they knew, Book 1: Air was all they were going to get. So they explained his death away with a half-assed explanation to keep inquisitive minds appeased.

Now that they have more content, revisiting their explanation and tying in the death of our beloved Aang into the story is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

TLDR: If you base your expectations only what you hear, you blind yourself to the possibility of a new reality.

Five hundred followers?!?

Thank you everyone for enjoying my insane Avatar theories, ramblings and general craziness :)! You are all the best, love you!!

In other news please celebrate with me, I’ve now lost 20 pounds and my six-pack is showing again for the first time in years :D! So today is a good day!


Anonymous asked:

am I the only one who is going to cry there eyes out when I see the last episode of book 4 of TLOK? :( :( :(

Many tears will be shed indeed! You will not be the only one anon :’).

CONFIRMED — Zaheer and Gang are called the Red Lotus


Deep in Nick’s html code we found this little snippet

See video @



I’ve missed feeling this consistently excited and surprised and happy about Korra with every episode airing. Everything has a new thrill from the story, the characters, the animation, the music—everything about this book is utterly gorgeous. I got excited as shit with every…

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