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Anyone have the picture of the strange person in the Zaofu newspaper??

Here she is:

Meet Kuviara (sp?), a random metalbending captain who was strangely absent during the fight in The Terror Within, but shows up all chipper to help the Avatar in the finale. Suspicious much??

This detail poses a LOT of questions:

1. Why was this random character hinted at in episode 5?

2. Does she have any future significance to the story?

3. Is she a part of the Red Lotus?

4. Will she be the one to break Zaheer out of prison?

5. Why give us her name, but give us nothing about her character?

caffeinebender asked:

I just found your blog in the recommended blogs thingy, and I have to say I love your URL because of this little headcanon I have about firebending, that' it's just plasmabending (flames and lightning are seen because of plasma) and since the sun is plasma they could do that.

Thank you very much for the follow! I like your headcanon! I hadn’t thought about it that way before :)!


Attention all Legend of Korra fans! We are proud to announce the Korra Reaction Event —a fandom-wide special featuring you, the fans! In light of the digital move of Book 3, there has been a lack of unity in watching and liveblogging the episodes. This is our last chance to come together and cry, scream, and share our reaction to the Book 3 finale. 

We ask all LoK fans to video tape, photograph, record, draw, or write their reaction to the finale this Friday and either submit it to us or tag it #korrareaction. All types of media are welcome and encouraged. There is no deadline or set end date to this event due to time conflicts such as school, work, time differences, etc that many of us face. 

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